Libya's National Centre for Disease Control says no cases of Coronavirus recorded in the country so far

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 05 Mar 2020, 09:48 AM
alwasat radio

Libya's National Centre for Disease Control confirmed the absence of suspected cases of Coronavirus in Libya, based on data received from monitoring, investigation and rapid response in hospitals and health centers, and the International Health Supervision Office.

The centre pointed out in its daily bulletin on the virus that 94,251 confirmed cases of the virus have been recorded globally, since December.

The Centre reviewed its procedures to prevent the infiltration of the deadly virus into Libyan soil, which included the formation of the National Committee to confront the virus, the continuous monitoring of the global epidemiological situation, and activating the use of thermal cameras for travelers at all ports.

The procedures also included preparing a medical guide for health workers, as well as raising the level of preparedness of the rapid response network, in addition to intensifying awareness and health education campaigns.

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