Citizen files complaint after finding screw in loaf of bread bought from an Ajdabiya bakery

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 21 Nov 2019, 07:16 PM
alwasat radio

A citizen in Ajdabiya filed a complaint with the municipal guards on Thursday night accusing one of the city's bakeries of negligence after he found an iron screw in a loaf of bread he bought from the bakery, said the head of the investigation unit at the branch Major Ali al-Subhi.

The head of the investigation unit in the branch, Major Ali al-Subhi, told Alwasat that Municipal Guard immediately went to the bakery to take the necessary legal action.

He added that the bakery was closed and the employees of the bakery were arrested and transferred to the headquarters of the municipal guard for interrogation, pointing out that investigations are ongoing until the owner of the bakery appears before them.

Major Ali Al-Subhi said that the municipal guard would not tolerate negligence in the bakeries operating in the municipality of Ajdabiya and surrounding areas, and that the door of the branch is open to citizens to submit any report about any food or medicine product that is unfit for human consumption.

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