Interim Government announces commencement of procedures for establishing an integrated medical city in Tripoli

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 21 Aug 2019, 04:57 PM
alwasat radio

Libyan Interim Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni announced the establishment of an integrated medical city in Tripoli in response to a proposal by 72 Parliament members.

Al-Thinni was tasked with "commencing the procedures and studies for the construction of medical city at site of the old tobacco factory in Tripoli in the Duraibi area," according to a statement by the Interim Government.

He stressed that "these measures coincide with the plans for the localization of medical services in Libya to serve citizens in an easier and better way, especially with the growing population and continuous depletion of state resources abroad without any development at home."

In a related context, Al-Thinni decided to establish Al-Sahel and Al-Jabal Central Hospital (Qasr Al-Hajj) to serve the area extending west of Tripoli from Zawiya to Zuwara, and from Nalut to Gharyan."

This came on the sidelines of a meeting with the Minister of Labor and Chairman of the Crisis Committee in the Western Region, Dr. Massoud Sowah, in the presence of a member of the House of Representatives for Rajab Salah aA-Sahbi.

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