Benghazi's Municipal Guard warns of environmental disaster due to sewage water in the Rahbat Al-Ajailat area

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 12 Jun 2019, 10:58 PM
alwasat radio

The Benghazi municipal guard operations room warned of an environmental disaster in the Rahba Al-Ajailat area between the Budzira and Hay Al-Salam districts. " Sewage water has threatened a disaster in the region."

The head of the investigation in the Benghazi municipal guard, Hussein Sharif, said that the sewage is threatening the health of citizens and their homes with serious diseases, as water levels began to rise a sanitation station was shut off by a citizen.

Sharif demanded the rapid response to this environmental challenge, stressing that sewage water can cause many serious diseases because they contain bacteria, parasites and viruses.

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