Mayor of Sirte complains of city’s “marginalization” and lack of reconstruction projects

Alwasat - Cairo Sun 16 Jan 2022, 02:26 PM
alwasat radio

The Mayor of Sirte Municipality, Mukhtar Al-Madani, complained on Friday of what he described as the “marginalization” that the city suffers from and the absence of reconstruction projects, criticizing officials for not complying with their pledges to allocate compensation to owners of destroyed homes since 2016.

In a press statement, Al-Madani singled out the interim Government of National Unity and Central Bank of Libya Governor, Sadiq al-Kabir, saying they “marginalized Sirte and forgot it once and for all”. Adding that the government allocates large sums of money and its officials visit cities in the west and south while Sirte remains out of the picture.

He explained that the Ministry of Social Affairs did not allocate any sums to owners of destroyed housing or the displaced, despite the municipality's repeated pleas, saying that more than 40 families have been living in tin houses in the Abu Hadi locality, south of Sirte, while other families suffer from a similar situation in Wadi Garf and the city's Libya Insurance Building.

The mayor added that five schools have been destroyed since 2011 without the Ministry of Education carrying out any maintenance, pointing out that the Sirte Reconstruction Fund “has no headquarters and no role.”

From time to time, residents of the destroyed and dilapidated residential neighborhoods in Sirte organize vigils to demand compensation for what happened to their homes, which were destroyed and looted during the past wars, the most recent of which was the war to liberate Sirte from ISIS in 2016.

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