UN welcomes lifting of force majeure on Sharara oilfield

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 12 Oct 2020, 10:57 AM
alwasat radio

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya welcomed the announcement by the National Oil Corporation on Sunday, that the force majeure had been lifted from the Sharara oil field.

The resumption of oil production in the largest Libyan oil fields is due to "the improvement of the security situation in the Sharara field after discussions between security authorities, especially those held in Hurghada in Egypt," according to a statement published by the mission.

According to the same statement, ensuring unimpeded access to Libya's oil resources and effective management of oil revenues is a "common national interest." This decision also reflects "the constructive atmosphere that existed in the period preceding the resumption of the military and political talks between the Libyan factions, facilitated by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya."

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