National Oil Corporation confirms the reopening of gas pipeline valve in Sidi Al-Sayeh

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 29 Apr 2020, 09:50 PM
alwasat radio

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) confirmed on Wednesday, the reopening of a gas pipeline in Sidi Al-Sayeh, which supplies gas stations and factories in western Libya. It is expected to contribute to providing approximately 200 million cubic feet of gas per day to cement factories and power plants in Al-Khoms and Misrata.

The NOC clarified in a statement, that the closing of the pipeline took place "illegally on April 9th, forcing it and the Brega Oil Marketing Company to purchase imported diesel and direct it to the power stations; to maintain the continuity of power plants and spare citizens more power outages." 

The Board of Directors of the National Oil Corporation thanked all those who participated in the efforts to reopen the vital pipeline.

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