Fuel shortages revive black market in Bani Walid

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 11 Mar 2020, 06:26 PM
alwasat radio

The city of Bani Walid is witnessing a rise in fuel prices due to several problems, including difficulties in transporting fuel shipments from the eastern region through the southern parts to the city, leading to a recovery of the black market.

Mohammed Mansour, a resident of the city, told Alwasat on Wednesday, that the owners of gas stations fill up gallons and sell them on the black market to obtain double prices in light of the complete absence of the security and regulatory authorities in Bani Walid.

Mansour mentioned that the price of one liter of gasoline on the black market has reached 2 dinars compared to the official price of about 30 dirhams.

The fuel and gas crisis committee in the municipality of Bani Walid, had previously threatened fuel stations with withdrawing their licenses if they continued to manipulate daily fuel quotas.

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