Investigations reveal involvement of a Swiss company in smuggling of Libyan oil

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 02 Mar 2020, 01:33 PM
alwasat radio

A report by the non-governmental organizations, Trail International and Public Eye, revealed the involvement of a Swiss company in smuggling Libyan oil to Europe, in cooperation with Libyan smugglers during the years 2014 and 2015. Libya's National Oil Corporation welcomed this disclosure, saying that it was "the tip of the iceberg." Adding, fuel smuggling operations from Libya occur almost daily and "enjoy the support of groups with political influence from all over the country."

According to the newspaper Malta Today, the report comes from the two organizations as part of a campaign on issues of corporate accountability. "The Swiss Kolmar company obtained oil from the Libyan smuggling king Fahmy Salim bin Khalifa, and the Maltese citizens Darien and Gordon Debono, before the Italian police discovered the smuggling network."

The Maltese newspaper stated that "the company was reselling oil in the European market and the oil was accepted despite fraudulent certificates of origin, and numerous protests from Libyan leaders about the smuggling of oil to Malta."

The report stated, "more than 20 consignments arrived from Libya to Kolmar tanks in Malta between the spring of 2014 and the summer of 2015, loaded on ships chartered by Gordon Debono."

The newspaper pointed out that "the new results that the investigation showed relate to activities previously disclosed by a United Nations commission of experts in 2015 and led to the arrest of the smuggling king Fahmy Salim, Debono and their Italian partners." The Libyan Special Deterence force arrested the trafficker Fahmi Bin Khalifa in August 2017, indicating that he was very active in sending illegal immigration boats from the cities of Zwara and Sabratha to the European coasts and smuggling fuel, drugs and alcohol.

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