$1.88 billion in revenues from the sale of crude oil and $137 million from gas and condensate

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 02 Sep 2019, 11:26 PM
alwasat radio

Libya's sales of crude oil and its derivatives for the month of July amounted to $ 2.15 billion. Crude oil revenues were about $1.88 billion, revenues of gas and condensate sales amounted to $137.35 million, revenues of petrochemical products were worth about $5.42 million, in addition to $ 118.48 million in taxes and royalty concessions .

According to the National Oil Corporation (NOC) statistics released yesterday, monthly revenues from the sale of crude oil alone increased by 24.3 percent in July to $1.89 billion from $1.52 billion in June, compared to $1.35 billion in January.

Revenues from gas and condensate sales rose 25.3 percent to $137.35 million in July, from $109.54 million in June and from $ 26.24 million in January.

While revenues from selling petrochemicals during the month fell by 39.9% to 5.42 million dollars in July compared to $9.02 million dollars in the previous month, January figures were at $1.94 million.

The National Oil Corporation announced that the total revenues increased in July, by 23% from the previous month, to $2.1 billion, an increase of $ 403 million, due to an increase in the number of crude oil shipments in late June and settled accounts.

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