Production at Sharara oil field reaches 280,000 bpd

Alwasat - Cairo Mon 18 Mar 2019, 04:59 PM
alwasat radio

Production at Sharara oil field has reached 280,000  barrels of crude oil per day after the lifting of force majeure and resumption of production on March 4, according to a technical source in the field.

The source told Alwasat on Sunday that what hinders operations from reaching the previous production estimated at 320,000 barrels per day "is the volume of damage to the wells under force majeure that the National Oil Corporation declared on 10 December "noting that the maintenance department is working to repair them one by one.

The source predicted that the field will return to full production capacity within 10 days "if the maintenance plan does not encounter any technical or natural obstacles," praising the new security situation, which he said "provided them with a comfortable atmosphere to work in the field without psychological pressure."

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