30,000 tons of diesel exported from Brega port to The Netherlands

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 17 Oct 2018, 09:38 PM
alwasat radio

The French-flagged ASTELLA tanker docked in the port of Brega (80 kilometers west of the city of Ajdabia) to load 30,000 tons of diesel fuel destined to Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

One of the employees of the Port of Brega said in a statement to Alwasat on Wednesday, that the oil tanker is registered in port of Marseille, and was coming from the city of Misrata after unloading its cargo of kerosene.

The source added that the oil tanker is registered in the name of the owner Astella Action Co. Ltd. under the leadership of the French captain C. Ronad, noting that the duration of loading the tanker would take 22 hours.

On another front, oil tanker SANTA CRUZ docked Tuesday evening in the port of Zueitina. It arrived rom France and has loaded about 600,000 barrels of crude oil, destined to Italy.

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