Chairman of Benghazi Based NOC: Oil revenue will be deposited to Central Bank in Bayda

Alwasat - Cairo Wed 27 Jun 2018, 05:09 PM
alwasat radio

"Oil operations from now on will be in good hands," said the head of the National Oil Corporation installed by the interim government, Faraj Saeed, pledging to "transfer money to the Central Bank of Libya in Bayda."

"These funds belong to all Libyans," Saeed said at a news conference held at Sidra port.

For his part, the spokesman of the interim government said receiving the oil ports, was in step with implementing the the decision of the Army Commander Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

The spokesman added "this step was due because oil money was going to Tripoli, at the disposal of militias and not a single dirham was spent on the easter or southern regions of the country."

"The interim government pledges not to deprive a particular city or region of oil revenues," he said at a press conference from Sidra port.

Also calling on the international community to "seriously consider the reasons that led the army and the interim government to this step." Conveying to foreign companies that his government respects the charters and contracts previously agree to.

"The government is ready to deal with the governor of the Central Bank of Libya elected by the House of Representatives, Mohammed al-Shukri, and then allocated according to the law adopted by the House of Representatives and disbursed to all areas in Libya withour exception."

Ending with "The interim government during the coming period will support stability and reconstruction," pledging "to be transparent in all aspects, to alleviate the troubles of the Libyan people, who suffered the scourge of individual practices of the de facto authorities that are running the city of Tripoli."

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