Two men arrested for theft of Roman era artifcats

Alwasat - Cairo Thu 28 Mar 2019, 10:47 PM
alwasat radio

The security and criminal investigation chamber of Derna arrested two antiquity theives, with a collection of Roman era artifacts.

The director of the Museums Department Salah Saadallah and the director of the Derna Archeological office, Yunus al-Kawash, said that the pieces were confirmed to be genuine.

The director of the National Institute of Heritage in Tunisia, Fawzi Mahfouz, said last year that his country had become a trading ground for antiquities for smuggled from Libya with the legal collusion of the European Union countries. 

Mahfouz added that dealers and international networks involved and that Tunisia has for years been a transit area for relics from Algeria and from Libya to Europe.

Two men arrested for theft of Roman era artifcats
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